Saturday, October 4, 2014

October is BCA Month

October is Breast Cancer
Awareness Month

Breast cancers diagnosed in African American women are more likely to have factors associated with poor prognosis, such as higher grade, advanced stage, and negative hormone estrogen  and progesterone receptor status, than those diagnosed in white women.

 A woman’s best overall preventive health strategy is to reduce her known risk factors as much as possible by avoiding weight gain and obesity (for postmenopausal breast cancer), engaging in regular physical activity, and minimizing alcohol intake.  
Women should consider the increased risk of breast cancer associated with combined estrogen and progestin menopausal hormone therapy when evaluating treatment options for menopausal symptoms.

More information about breast cancer is available in the American Cancer Society publication Breast Cancer Facts & Figures, available online at

 *ACS African American 2013-2014 Cancer Facts

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