Friday, September 26, 2014

21 Day Detox Challenge

I've decided to partake in a 21 Day Detox Challenge.  Mainly to cleanse and detoxify all aspects of my life from within. A cleanse can help you recharge your energy reboot your mind and body.
This pass July my Mother passed away and on September 15 my 95 year young Grandmother passed away.
Physically my "Elders" are no longer on this earth, spiritually their presence are guiding me every step of the way. 
This Detox Challenge is truly a Divine intervention for me.  I've had to deal with many challenges embracing all of them head on "Endometriosis" just one of many.
Just when you think you're on the right course, you hit a speed bump. 
The day before my mother passed away.
I was at the gym working out, had no energy at all.  Trying to pull myself up and finish my workout was extremely challenging.  My last exercise was pull - ups on an (assisted machine) it felt like; someone was holding the machine still.
At that moment "I knew my mother was on her way making her final transition". 
[Just to give you a vivid picture of spiritual connection and distance.]
My mother lived in New York and I live in Florida. I felt tiresome to complete the workout.  Instead of me pushing through this difficult transition. The next day I received the news of my mother's passing.  I began to self sabotage my weight loss progress. Started eating junk food, comfort food.
So, What!!! I'm human... Right!
"Emotional eating"  carbs were my down fall, especially because I'm a vegetarian. [On the other hand, good carbs work well when following a workout & meal plan].

"There's no excuse for me to stop working out"  [We all mourn differently].
"Was I  having an ambiguous state of mind" ???

The lost of a parent is an emotional feeling period. When you lose both parents the emotions run deeper.
In 2009 my father passed away.
  So the recent lost of my Mother and Grandmother just sparked and overwhelming flood of emotions to surface.  So, I began to pray and started reading spiritual materials.  Realizing,  what would my Grandmother  say or do in this similar situation.  At 95 years young Nana lived an amazing life, traveling all over the world. Nana had a philanthropic heart.
Nana wouldn't want me to demolish my progress.  In fact the last time I was in town, Nana said; I see you're losing weight dear.  Hearing Nana' voice echoing those words was a clear sign for me to move forward.
We all go through different challenges in life.   Divine intervention shows up aka Miracles. This is where the opportunities come knocking at your door.  Pushing through the process and not giving up on yourself. So that speed bump in front of be is now behind me. I ran over that sucker with my 4wd.  (Smiling)

21 Day Detox Challenge
Began on Monday September 22
Today marks Day 5 feeling energized mid section is decreasing.
I'm opening up to the process.
Staying the course making adjustments and making time for myself. 
Incorporating more raw foods.
Saying so long to the gluten free wraps :)
In my mind because the wraps are dairy free, wheat free I was still eating them.
Sorry, have to let you go...

"Releasing the sabotaging ego"
The "Ego" will self sabotage your process. The "Ego" would've continue to let me think it was OK to stop exercising and keep consuming comfort foods.

The lesson is pushing through even if you're having a challenging day, week, month.
If you fall get up and start again.

I'm Grateful embracing and allowing awareness and balance in, after all, it's
Libra Season, Balance is key!

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