Advertise and Sponsorship Opportunities

 "Real Talk Radio"

Advertising air time package for the entire month, includes sponsors to come on the show talk about
company business; to our listeners during a 15 min segment, plus two 60 sec audio spots on air.

   *  Audio pre-recorded advertisements provided by the sponsor
   *  Audio “live reads” hosts read during the radio show
   *  Banner ads on Blog - Ads in our show’s email newsletter
   * Social Media advertisements:Twitter, Face Book etc.
   *  Product reviews of sponsor products
   *  Contests and giveaways with prizes sponsored by an advertiser

   * Note: 
Our shows are on Demand additional value of  archived episodes adds up to additional advertising.

If interested in becoming a sponsor email us:
Or Call for Pricing  (909) 713- 4827

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Real Talk Radio Team

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