Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Protective Hair Styles

As part of my "Hair Growth Challenge" I'm including, more protective hair styles; to my weekly hair care regimen. 

Havana Twist seem to be; all the rage.
It's a nostalgic twist (no pun intended) on the very popular " Poetic Justice Braids" aka Goddess Braids as with many styles come and go, through out the years. Styles are usually  updated,  to fit the look of a current era, throw back with a tweak.

Havana twist: Are basically double strand twist by adding "Havana Hair or Marley Hair" for a fuller chunkier effect; on the actual twist.  It's a great alternative to a protective hair style. Before you decide to install "HT"  highly recommend; you do some research and or consult a natural hair care professional.
If you're interested in installing (ht) yourself ( DIY) you can watch some youtube videos.  It's important to moisturizer your hair and don't forget to seal your ends.  I actually install about 20 twist used 2 packs of hair, my twist are not as chunky, this was my first attempt. 
Next time I'll add more hair and a few more twist for a fuller look.

Products used:
Leave - in conditioner
Shea butter creme for moisturizing
Evoo to seal the ends
Eco styler Olive oil
Duck clips
Tail comb
Marley hair

Twist and High Bun

Solange Knowles rocking Twist. 

It's recommended that you keep havana twist; in no longer then 4 - 6 weeks at a time.  Don't get them installed to tight, your hair is susceptible to breakage.
Don't forget to keep your twist and your hair moisturize.  "I spritz my scalp and twist; with my own concoction,  conditioner and Evoo"

For Do's and Don't on Havana twist check out this link


Love and Healing Light

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