Monday, February 3, 2014

Hair growth challenge

I'm starting a personal hair growth challenge. 
I've neglected my hair for sometime. I took my hair for granted; stopped pre pooing, stopped deep conditioning; hair was dry brittle, breakage, hair loss not detangling properly; with that being said. It's time for me to go back to the basics. 

 My husband has even propose; a challenge for every inch of hair growth; he will give me a $100 "Talk about motivation: 

I AM so ready let the challenge begin"  :)

Currently my hair is 7 inches long with  4 inches of shrinkage, typically 7 inches of hair length, equals to shoulder length hair.   

I'm up for the challenge, it's a great opportunity for me to restore healthy hair. Learning to pre poo, incorporate herbal rinses, hot oil treatments, massaging the scalp to stimulate hair growth last but not least having patience; understanding the importance of healthy natural hair. 

"If anyone would like to join in on the challenge: post comments & updates on your progress" 


Bantu Knots: 

Hair was pre poo with coconut oil over night, 

Shampoo with a Ph balance shampoo deep conditioner was added next leave - in conditioner, moisturizing shea butter creme and evoo to seal ends. 

2nd picture shows before extremely dry damaged , brittle, lots of breakage dull hair,  lack of luster.


"$100 per inch of hair growth does not apply to all"  However you may become eligible to receive a special gift...

Good luck happy hair growth 

Love and Healing Light ♥ ♥ ♥

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