Sunday, February 16, 2014

Awakening Your Inner Goddess

Awakening Your Inner Goddess

The word Goddess has many meanings
a female god or deity. A woman of extraordinary beauty and charm. A greatly admired or adored woman.

So, lately I've been reading a lot of self- help books. My favorite series of books are by Louise L. Hay of Hay House
Louise Hay talks about mirror work.
Mirror work: basically looking into your own eyes expressing love and self love; growing sense of love, you have for yourself.  Mirror's are a great way to recite your daily affirmations too.
Always make time to acknowledge one's self with love and gratitude. Love and except yourself.

After browsing some sites, I came across a few daily Goddess affirmations.

Stand in front of your mirror and begin your daily Goddess Affirmations.  I truly believe in combining mirror work with affirmations. 

*I am a Goddess and I love what and who  I see in the mirror.

*I am a Goddess and I stand in complete satisfaction of who I am and what I look like.

*I am a Goddess and I believe in my unique gifts and abilities.

*I am a Goddess and I deserve respect, love, validation and kindness.

*I am a Goddess and I feel happy, fulfilled, sexy and powerful.

This will begin to awaken your inner Goddess.  As women we tend to wear many different hats, juggling home and work.  It's great to make time for ourselves.
Especially, important for mothers to take time out and Awaken your inner goddess.
Let's stay in tune with ourselves. It's a sure way to connect within...

Love and Healing Light

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