Sunday, May 23, 2010

Janet Jackson Makes the Big Chop!

Janet Jackson Chops off her hair, frankly I was not surprised. She looks Fabulous with her short hAir. Absolutely, wonderful this is away of being free letting go and starting new. Fresh new look for up and coming months and events.

Celebrities tend to do a lot with there hAir. Especially, when acting and performing on stage. Most celebrities wear wigs or weaves. Just to eliminate the daily stress on their own hAir. I love it she is rockin this look! "Rocker Chic".

We can't forget the lost that Janet's Family had to endure last June. The lost of any family member is hard to deal with. Michael die on June 25. My dad passed away on June 28th, totally relate to her loss.

"I stayed away from watching any television whatsoever, but I stayed in touch with my family on a daily basis. It was difficult at times but it helped me to heal. The tears in the film, those were real tears."
~Janet Jackson~

Peace ~ Blessings 2 U All Thanks 4 your support!

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