Monday, March 22, 2010

~ Henna 4 your hair ~

Let's talk about Henna for your Hair. Henna or Hina been around since the bronze age.
Henna, is primarily use for (Body Art) dying of hair, skin, ~ finger nails. In several parts of the world Henna is traditionally used in festivals and celebrations.

The Henna plant is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, southern Asia, and northern Australasia in semi-arid zones. Henna is commercially cultivated in western India, Pakistan, Morocco, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Egypt.

Henna for Hair: Henna is a 100% natural herbal product that colors the hair. Henna will not lighten your hair. If your hair is naturally dark brown or black, henna will give it auburn highlights, but it will not lighten it. Henna, only comes in one color red. The shades of red may vary depending upon what country the crop is grown in, but there is no such thing Black henna, Blond henna, etc.

The highest-quality henna for dyeing hair is Body-Art Quality (BAQ) henna, sometimes sold as "mehndi" henna. The few people, I've spoke to seem to like "Jamila" Henna 100% Natural and free of additives.

Things needed be 4 you start:

Plastic Cap, Plastic Gloves,Plastic bowl ~ spoon
Deep Conditioner and Butterfly clips
150-200g Jamila Henna dated at bottom should read super sift
you may want to put down some newspaper on your floor and counter tops
before you begin henna will stain.

Some people prefer to use hot water with green tea and honey
instead of the acidic liquids.

Henna is permanent! If you've never used henna on your hair before, it's recommended that you perform a strand test to see what color you will get.

Important Note: Henna is not for everyone. There are so many variations on how to prepare Henna. Henna also reacts differently on different textures of hair. Most people with really curly hair, mention Henna elongates the curl pattern. Relaxes curls making hair soft and silky.

Below you will find some links that may be helpful for your Henna journey.
Most sites offer How to Henna your Hair Pictorial.

You can purchase Henna online or at your local Indian or Middle Eastern grocery store. (Has a great Henna Pictorial)

~ Namaste ~

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