Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Braids Or Weaves?

Okay, Ladies it's time to talk about giving our hair a break. Which do you prefer, when giving your hair a break Braids Or Weaves? I prefer both Braids ~ Weaves(sew in weave). You have the flexibility without, chemically altering my Naturelle state. you can add color or choose a different wave pattern, and have the option to rock my hair straight or wavy without any chemicals changing my own texture. Plus it gives your own hair, a break from all the products, you normally put on your hair.

I've been Rockin Braids for the last 2 months, just removed cornrows to then switch up and now I'm rockin box braids. I love it!!!

Recently, went on a Business trip, after wards stopped and visited some Family and Friends. Someone, approach me and said Hey! Au Naturelle? What happen to Au Naturelle? Replied what do you mean? Sista girl said your hair, what happen? Oh! replied it's still Naturelle. "Sista girl", was quiet confused, her lips twisted up. Simply broke it down for sista girl who was still confused. My hair is still "Au Naturelle" Just have Braids in my hair to give my own hair a break. The last time sista girl saw my hair, I was rockin a big Fro.

Ladies!! How does one grow a fro? Well, for me? it's always been about the Braids. I rock my braids for months at a time depending on the style.

Same, applies for sew in weaves. It's never a good idea to take out your own weave. I've tried that also. It's best when someone, else takes it out for you. Trust me you will accidentally, cut your own hair. I remember being impatience, and decide that I was going to cut out my own weave. Big mistake!!!! Totally ended up cutting my hair on top. Yes, your hair will grow back. The point is to be careful!!! Have the same person who put the weave in take it out.

Please take your time, when removing braids and weaves from your hair. It can be time consuming especially, if the braids are really thin. Just sit in front of a TV using a tail comb, have a wide tooth comb, some butterfly clips, and your good to go. Normally would start one section at a time. Always, remember to maintain your hair wither you decide to have Braids or Weaves you still need to Shampoo and Condition your hair.

When removing my braids using a wide tooth comb to comb out my hair.
Next, co-wash first, then Shampoo and Condition after wards. Next apply a Deep Conditioner which I leave on for 30-60 mins with a cap on my head. This helps conditioner seeps into the pores.

We can offer advice, help inform, and empower people, we should never try to change someone. Change comes when that individual is ready to change within...

Remember Au Naturelle Divas it's about "Finding your Naturelle Diva within you"
No Judgment!! All are welcome to this community we are all people. No one should be judging you for who you are or how you choose to wear your hair. It's your hair and it's all Good Hair!!!

Peace ~ Blessings


Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of braids. Love them.

CallaLily said...

Hey there: I used to wear crownrow extensions all the time but its been a while since I've had them.

I recently installed crochet braids and I'm really loving it so far!

I also like wearing wigs from time to tme.