Monday, March 1, 2010

Baltimore Natuarl Hair Expo 2010

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What You Can Expect in 2010

  • Exposure to approximately 3000-5000 visitors
  • Quality and informative workshops, classes and exhibitors
  • Instructors/Educators
  • Professional and friendly team of staff and volunteers
  • Variety of great food, vegan menu and healthy exotic beverages
  • The children village
  • Remarkable entrepreneurs opportunity to market products/services to a widespread & diverse audience
  • The best in the natural hair care industry, instructors/educations, manufacturers and YOU!

The Exposé Successes in the past

  • In 2008, BNHCE attracted 4,000 visitors from across the country and aboard
  • Upgrade in diversity and creative services of practitioners, manufacturers, inventors and health highlights
  • Increase number of visitors and specialty exhibitors
  • Networking marketplace for the consumers as well as new retail client base for manufacturers and industry leaders.
  • An array of services from natural hair care, health practitioners, marketing specialists, legal aid, manufacturers, web masters and much more
For more information please contact :

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