Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let's Talk About Tea (Herbal) oolong

Let's talk about Herbal Tea today's tea is oolong pronounce (wu-long).
Oolong tea is a mixture between green and black tea. It generally has a darker, richer flavor than green tea, but a lighter flavor than black tea. Chinese oolongs are often very green. The teas are often very floral, such as Ti Kuan Yin, which is often described as tasting like orchids. Oolongs from Taiwan, known as Formosan Oolongs, are oxidized longer, fired longer and have a ripe fruit flavor.

Can be served with most meals. However, I suggest having oolong tea after Breakfast, and lunch.

Note: Oolong tea contains some caffeine, so it's suppose to be gentler on the body then coffee.

Oolong tea referred as the weight loss tea a (Naturelle) fat burner.
increases fat-burning capabilities and boosts metabolism.

Today, modern scientist studies claim to indicate that Oolong tea possesses many body healthy benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

* Digestion
* Detoxify
* Anti-bacterial
* Heart (cholesterol levels)
* Slimming
* Longevity/anti-aging
* Menopause symptoms
* Menstrual cramps

Purchased 2oz of oolong tea it comes loose.

Preparation: Generally loose tea, this tea should be brewed using water that is just under boiling. Steeping is usually 3-5 minutes.

Will keep you posted if there is a change with my metabolism, and if I experience weight loss by drinking the oolong tea. Will say that my energy level has increase.


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