Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Au " Naturelle" Divas Makeover Show

Ever wonder why Makeover shows like (TLC-what not 2 wear?) Never addresses the persons Naturelle Hair state? I remember watching an episode. Young Lady had a short "Naturelle" and the stylist slaps a relaxer on her hair ~ then adds a few tracks. I would like to see a Totally "Naturelle" Makeover show. Where the show embraces "Naturelle" hair.

Wouldn't it be nice to see someone with Loc's or Curly,Kinky~ Twist outs ? There are so many "Naturelle" hair Salon's ~ Stylist's that would love the opportunity to go on any show. After all it's about "Finding your Naturelle Diva within"

The makeover shows are suppose, to enhance your "Naturelle" Beauty not disturb your hair texture. Thinking about that particular episode the girl wasn't looking so happy with the out come. I feel if you come across someone with Naturelle hair, then the producers of the show should opt for "Naturelle" hair Stylist in the area, rather then go with there on staff stylist.

Even when a person has "Naturally Curly" hair the first thing the stylist attempts to do is cut and straighten her hair. "As if" You couldn't hear the horror in the woman's voice as she feels and sees her hair being cut away.

My ideal show would feature all the top "Naturelle" Hair Stylist using Miss Jessie's, Carol's Daughter , Kinky Curly ~ Mixed Chicks Products. "Naturelle" Hair Care Makeover Show!!!
I'm just saying, I'm putting this out there.
Let's enhance ones Beauty and embrace ones unique style for once.

Peace ~ Blessings

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