Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"What's your blast from the past Easter memory"

Remember when your Mom ~ Dad (parents) would take you shopping for Easter. How many of us remember wearing that fluffy foo foo dress, lets not forget about those annoying, itchy tights, shoes, and of course the Easter Bonnet. The boys had there own dilemma, some wore suits with a top hat or a hat with a feather on the side. Who can remember the little rabbit coats.
Oh no!!! What was our Parents thinking, back then somebody call PETA!!!

Depending on what year it was I can recall having a press ~ curl at the time. There were no kiddie perms back then. I remember sitting down on a booster seat or a stack of phone books.
So that my head would reach, and lean back into the shampoo sink. Nana, would shampoo/ condition my hair, next it was off to a hot treatment. Then came this huge dryer that I would sit down under and Nana began blow drying my hair. No one rarely used the hand held dryers back then.

Next came the lighting of the stove up against the wall. Nana, would strike a match and lite the stove then adjust the flame with a little nob. Then she placed the hot comb in the flame.
This was the begin of my press ~ curl. Nana, started from the nape of my head and work her way towards the crown of my head. You can feel that heat close to your scalp and smell your hair. Nana never burnt me; I remember pulling down on my ears so that the tips of my ears would not get burnt.

My hair was completely straight it was now time to curl my hair. Nana put two marcel curling irons in the stove. Nana started to curl my hair as she would a roller set.
All you can hear is that clicking sound from the marcels click,click,click.

A few moments later and my entire head was curled, my press ~ curl was finally complete. Nana, put a hair net on my head so that I would not mess up my curls.

I was ready for Easter Sunday with the dress and the bonnet and of course my hair was done.
Hope your Easter memories were good ones.

Happy Easter to all that celebrate wishing you and your family the very best during this week.

Peace ~ Blessings 2 U and your Family.

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