Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 3 40/40 experience

Today is Day 3 on my yoga journey. Woke up this morning not so eager to go to class.
However, something came over me, as I took a shower. Kept saying to myself you can do this.
You need to do this, I'm a strong, positive person. You can't give up. Guess what? I went to class it was so fulfilling. Kelly, the owner kick our butts "literally". We worked on our Hips it was all about our hips today. At the time I wanted to scream, kick and punch during class. not quitting or giving up. When class was over I felt elated. I completed the class and getting better everyday.

So, when class was over, I spoke to Janelle the other instructor, who was participating in class. Janelle was a student today. I was so amaze at what she was able to accomplish. Janelle, mention my progress, so far she said. I am getting better and stronger as each day goes by.
It was awesome to hear Janelle's positive feed back.

Standing yoga poses are key to attaining balance, strength and flexibility of the hips.
Hips play a big role in motion and the balance of body posture. They are centrally located and are connected to the lowest part of the spine.

Doing yoga poses involves the practice of breathing techniques. Triangle pose is no exception. Inhaling will expand the rib cage, causing it to move slightly in the process. Exhaling will also cause movement of the rib cage. As the weight of the rib cage shifts during breathing, it will further challenge you as you maintain the pose. In this way, triangle benefits whole body posture by challenging balance and coordination.

As we cool down from our vigorous workout we end the class with our hands close to our hearts in a prayer position bowing ours heads we say Namaste~ Which means:
The God in me greets the God in you
The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you. Namaste~

Peace ~ Blessings 2 All

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