Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Oscar's 2016

Greetings Happy New Year "2016"
Today's topic is all about the Oscar's.
When you hear  "Academy Awards"  "Fashion" immediately comes to most of our minds and yes the performances.
Honey! Let's just say, "I won't be watching this year"   Due to lack of diversity.
No one of color was nominated "twitter" was on fire
(Hash tag #) "Oscar so white" is trending.
I'm not shocked by this at all.
Look what happen last year. "Selma" was widely overlooked as a film and female Director "Ava DuVernay" was giving some accolades not the credit she deserved.
"David Oyelowo" wasn't even nominated. 
Talk about an upset.
You could see pure disappointment in everyone's face especially "Oprah Winfrey".
I believe she may of voiced her opinion.
"Don't quote me" on that!
This year Idris Elba, Michael B Jordan, or
Will Smith not nominated.
"I understand you can't nominate everyone"
(Seriously) no one of color nominated for the second year in a row.
A few of Hollywood's elite have gone as far as to boycott the show and posting opinions on social media.  Jada Pinkett Smith posted a video on Facebook boycotting the Academy Awards (deep) must see video. 
Actress Janet Hubert posted a response video to Jada and Will Smith.
Janet Hubert aka The original "Aun Viv"  from the "The fresh prince of Bel air"
Hunnie! The tea was real Hot!
Some may think Janet is a bit bitter. 
Janet was let go from the hit 90's show. 
In my opinion she's not bitter.
Janet makes some valid points. However it's time for both parties to have a real conversation. It's been over two decades of bad blood between Will and Janet. "My opinion" Will Smith was young and immature aka "Devo" after all it was his show he was the "Star"  Janet Hubert was a well respected established theater actress (Actor), whom may of come across as a Diva.  Both parties must own their truth. 
I'm Sending positive vibes of Love and Healing Light to All parties.  For the record:
"I was devastated when the network switched "Aun Viv" like we wouldn't notice"
Serious side 👀
In my opinion someone tried to blacklist the original "Aun Viv" let's get real! Real Talk!
No shade towards "Daphne Maxwell Reid" who played second "Aun Viv" she was hired to replace Janet.  "Welcome to Hollywood's bureaucracy." (Pollytricks)
For the record I won't be watching.
Wish all attaining well and best of luck and I hope "Leonardo DiCaprio" finally wins he's always nominated but never wins "He's the
("Susan Lucci" ) of the Oscar's...

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