Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18TH

Today's October 18th, although I celebrate by birthday with many friends and family it's bittersweet. This makes the first Birthday celebration without my beloved Parents and Grandparents.
As I celebrate my birthday I'm entering a new phase, a new chapter, and a new journey in my life.  It's giving me sometime to reflect on what's important in my life.  

I feel my parents spirit. I'm aware they're around me guiding and protecting me.  I woke up at 4am, probably my Dad waking me up he was the early one in our family. Posted some pics on my social media pages.  Then it suddenly hit me again my mom is no longer here in human form. 
My mom would say Happy birthday exactly at 10:18am every year on my birthday without fail. This was the beginning of my inquiries to mom. How come you wait until 10:18am to say happy birthday?
I couldn't understand as a kid when midnight hits you're ready to open up your gifts and celebrate.
Had no idea what was going on until my mom dispense my birth certificate.  The unique fun fact about me my birthday is October 18 and my birth was exactly 10:18am in the morning.  It all started to make sense.

As the years went by I always looked forward to receive my special phone call at exactly 10:18 am on 10/18

Looking forward to creating new memories being in present, while cherishing the past.

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes means a lot.
I'm grateful I'm blessed I'm filled with gratitude...

Sending you All Love and Healing Light

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