Friday, April 18, 2014

Update on Hair Growth Challenge

"Greetings Blog world"
Here's an update on my #HairGrowthChallenge it's been approximately 3 months. I started this challenge in the beginning of February, so far my hair has grown 3 inches and counting and I'm pleased with the results. Yes, hubby owes me $300, if you remember my husband agreed to pay me a $100 per inch.  :)

My new regimen consists of Deep conditioning treatments, massaging my scalp with essential oils, etc.
My favorite oils to use in my hair
Evoo: moisturize seals my ends and it's a great slip for detangling. 
Coconut oil: great for pre poo
Jojoba oil: smells great has a nutty scent; overall amazing on my hair
You can also add rosemary oil, tea tree, for stimulating the scalp.

With a little #TLC I've managed to speed up my natural hair growth. 

Normal hair grows average 1/2 inch - 5/8 inch per month. Most stylists recommend getting a hair cut or trimm every 6-10 weeks.

Remember eating a healthy diet is important for your overall health as well as with hair growth. 
"Please don't forget to drink lot's of water"

Before & After pics of hair growth
In the pics; you'll see how full my hair has grown in.

Sending you all Love and Healing Light

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