Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Carpe Diem

                                                                     "Carpe Diem"

Carpe Diem "seized the day" and or the moment... That's my new mantra these days.

Many readers follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I would like to take this opportunity to  Thank each and everyone. Thanks for the love and support.

Update: Weight Loss Journey
I'm happy to report that I've lost 24lbs within a few months. Yes, I've received and read your emails.
You all inspire me to work harder and help others that are going through the same sort of process.
With that said; I would like to take this opportunity to list some helpful tips to get you started.

Holiday season is still in a effect with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa we tend to make excuses for our over indulgence. We must stop and be mindful, take control.
How many of us would say well I'll start eating right after the Holidays or I'll start my "New Year's Resolution" Yeah! It works for the first few months and before you realize it's holiday season again.
It's a cycle with extreme cases of yoyo dieting.   Let's start now! Challenge yourself this Holiday season this way by New Year's your ahead of the game.  "There is no competition for your path only you getting out of your own way"   How deep is that quote? with that said here's my tips.

Have fun remember changing the way you eat is a lifestyle.
(1)  Drink plenty of water especially when working out. Carry a water bottle with you at all times
water; keeps you hydrated and fills you up.

(2) Move around walk, run, jump, jog; start moving. Add some weight training to your routine, it adds definition to your body, helps burn fat; keeps you looking lean.

(3)Eat small (healthy meals) 5- 6 small meals every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism working

(4) Surround yourself with positive people. Get support stay motivated and be inspired.  

(5) Incorporate more healthy fruits and veggies into your meals; replacing fruits and veggies as a meal and or healthy snack. Prepare your meals if your always on the go.

(6) Portion control is the key... Especially if your going out to dinner most restaurants serve double portions without you realizing. Growing up we're taught to eat everything off our plate. That's totally false; we should not consume that much food period. Simply ask for a small salad plate and eat half.  Take the rest home to have for another meal.  You'll start to see a big difference.  

(7) Start a journal write down what your eating and set small goals. The key not to overwhelm yourself; never feel defeated, before the journey has only begun.   

(8) Try to eat more fiber. Fiber is the key; when it comes to weight lost.
Increase your fiber intake.

(9) Limit the amounts of sugar and alcohol; believe it or not alcohol has a ton of sugar, again be mindful.

(10) Just do it! No Excuses! If your having a bad day and you overindulge; don't beat yourself up. Get back on track; never feel defeated. 

These are helpful tips; I use and want to share with you all...

Keep me posted on your weight loss journey and success...

If you have any questions; feel free to email would love to share your weight loss journey with our readers.

*Friendly reminder* Remember we may be on a totally different fitness level and that's okay.
Let's keep that in mind; when we are motivating and inspiring others.

We are all in this together... One step... One move... One plate... One pound at a time and we will reach our goal...

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Sending you Love ~ Light
Happy Holiday Tis the Season


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