Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oprah's Favorite Things 2013

                                             Oprah's Favorite Things list is back!

Oprah launched "Favorite Things" (2002 - 2010) on her show. In case your not familiar with "Favorite Things" let me explain... Every year "Oprah" would air a segment called "Favorite Things" which aired in the month of November around or after Thanksgiving, Oprah shared products that she felt would make a great gift to give.  The audience members that were present during the taping of the episode receive items from that year's list for free.  Yes! she did! Lady "O" hooked her audience up every year.

One of my Favorite Things segment was  2003 two items from that list were completely sold out or on back order.  My husband and I went looking for these items like crazy. We were on a mission; to find  the "Frederic Fekkai Body Crème Luxeuse, & UGG Classic Short Boots" remembered; only finding "Frederic Fekkai" Shampoo & Conditioner gift set; I purchased for my sister.

" I remember thinking to myself and telling my husband; I really, really, really would like to attend,
 one of those tapings. I always envisioned going with my Mother and Grandmother the look on their faces would have been priceless. Going, meant that I would share all the gifts with friends and family. Sadly, that never happened.  I'm hopeful. I do believe one day; I personally will get to meet Oprah Winfrey; that's a gift in it's self."  Think It, Believe It, Achieve It ... 

  "Oprah's Favorite Things 2013" are back now online.  Click on link below.....


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