Sunday, July 7, 2013

Clementine Bakery VS Baby cakes nyc

Since becoming Vegan, I've been on a quest to fine the Best vegan cupcakes and treats.
"Non-meat eaters have cravings too"  My quest lead me to; two locations one in Brooklyn, NY.
I recently went back to New York; with the help of Happy Cow app, found a place called
Clementine Bakery located in Brooklyn, NY All vegan, organic, and gluten-free tasty treats.
Pulled up in front of bakery and walked in. The aroma of all tasty treats hits you in a pleasant happy way.
I really should of scheduled a proper taste testing, (smiles). My eyes quickly gravitated towards the cupcakes. I began to scan the entire display and quickly read the menu. It was now time to place my order so, I ordered two cupcakes Vanilla Raspberry and Gluten Free Vanilla cupcake, plus a Brownie. First of all the service was great the staff was lovely and very helpful.
Cupcakes come in a cute box.
The menu is full of all sorts of yummy tasty options. Now, for the big reveal! First was GF Vanilla cupcake very tasty, not dry at all (yummy). Next the Vanilla Raspberry cupcake, which had a raspberry on top; this cake was very moist extremely yummy. Finally, the brownie super moist very Delicious.

Very please with my experience at Clementine Bakery will return again to try the sandwiches.
*I highly recommend this Bakery*          

Rate this spot 5 cupcakes ***** :-)

Next stop was Babycakes nyc bakery in Orlando
*note  babycakes has several locations one being in NYC
However, I visited the Orlando location at the time.
 bakery is located in "Downtown Disney" Sweet!
This is also a Vegan Bakery  BabyCakes offers all-natural, organic and alternatives free from; wheat, gluten, dairy, casein and eggs.
First of all the Bakery is located inside of Pollo Campero!? aka Chicken spot! What!? Yes!
Must admit I found that to be a bit peculiar. Vegan Bakery sharing the same spot as a chicken location. The bakery is a small "sort of space", off in the corner. The counter is not exactly coming into contact with any chicken (smiles). Still a bit peculiar.  So, once again I scan the menu and display case, and  notice the Glazed donuts and cupcakes. Next place my order with one Vanilla glazed donut and Two cupcakes Lemon & Red Velvet. Pastries were all placed in a cute package and off I went to taste my treats. For the price I was totally disappointed with the taste of both cupcakes, although the lemon cake taste better.
As, I began to taste the Red Velvet cupcake I did notice the consistency was rather dry, the frosting was sweet a bit on the tasty side however, the cupcake was very dry, hard and fell flat.
Now, the lemon cupcake actually taste better wasn't as dry as the red velvet and definitely not as chalky.
Out of all three pastries the vanilla glazed donut was the winner hands down.
My husband was with me and notice how disappointed; I was.
Hubby took box of cupcakes back to the counter and told the staff member, how the cakes were dry. He totally express how disappointed I was.
The Babycakes Staff member ask my husband if I had ever ate a vegan cupcake before. His reply; was Yes, my wife is a Vegan! Staff member immediately apologized and replace cupcakes. She recommended the Chocolate chip cupcake & another glazed donut of my choice.
Although, the two previous cupcakes fell flat; the experience wasn't as bad due to "customer service".
 So, in the end the winners were the Glazed donuts and the Chocolate chip cupcake.
Rate this spot 3 stars ***

I look forward to stopping by the NYC location & compare the quality of the too.
The overall winner is Clementine Bakery!!!!!
For Taste, Consistency, and over all Awesomeness! 
*Highly Recommend *

Look out Au Naturelle Divas Might be visiting your establishment soon!

Love ~ Light
Happy Tasty Vegan Treats!


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