Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hair Length and Growth

Hey Ladies! Every now & then it's good for us "Natural Curlies" to check our length.
Checking your length & hair growth is real easy to do.
Here are some quick and easy tips when, checking your hair progress.
This is also a good time to have your ends clipped & trimmed.

Products used:
Detangler "Suave"
Hair Rules "blow out your kinks"
Jane Carter "wrap & roll"
Ion Heat Protection Spray
Styling tools:
Blow Dryer
Flat Iron
Hair Clips
Shower & Tail comb
Paddle Brush
1)Start with hair that is cleanse and conditioned apply a Detangler to your hair
Try using "Suave Delangling Spray"

2)Section off hair into 4 or more sections depending on your length of hair
apply products to each section Try using "Hair Rules 'blow out your kinks" & Jane Carter
"Wrap & Roll"
3)Begin to blow dry each section of hair until completely dry
4)Section off hair into 2 or more sections spray Flatiron heat protection spray
Try using " Ion Heat Protection Spray"
5)Begin to Flatiron small section at a time Start from root down to ends
6)Wrap hair using your paddle brush apply satin scarf or cap

Note: Watch out for high settings on styling tools
Wrap hair at night using your paddle brush apply satin scarf or cap
Also to keep hair moisturize try using "African Pride Dream Kids Olive Miracle Miracle Creme"

Love ~ Light

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