Thursday, June 30, 2011

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has many Natural uses & benefits.
Besides its nutritional value, pure coconut oil also makes a luscious and soothing massage and body oil for dry and/or damaged skin.

Natural Uses & Benefits:

*Hair Treatment
*Skin & Facial Care
*Weight Loss

Hair Treatment : Pre - Shampoo Hair Treatment
If, your looking for a "Natural Hair Treatment"? You may want to consider using
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! Here's a simple solution for Dry Brittle Hair!

Things you'll need!
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Nutiva)
Tip Applicator Bottle
Wide Tooth Comb or Shower Comb
small pot
measuring cup
small spatula
small funil
plastic cap
1) using spatula scoop out a cup of OEVCO
2) place in small pot on stove Med-Low heat
*Note you only want to melt oil to a clear liquid form * DO NOT BOIL*
3) pour oil into Applicator Bottle using funil, close bottle with tip cap twist tightly
4) section hair into 4 sections using clips to secure hair in place
5) remove one section at a time start applying OEVCO on scalp from roots to ends apply on edges & nape
Repeat step 5 until all sections are done
6) apply plastic cap let stand for 30-60mins
*Note if you want to leave in over night you may do so
just make sure you wrap hair with towel on top of plastic cap so oil does not ruin bedding
7) massage oil next your ready to shampoo & conditioner
8) Ready to style your hair

"Good Hair"


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