Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love

This Poem is for all The Beautiful Women in my life Mother, Grandmother's,Godmother, Aunts, Sisters,Cousins,Soul Sisters All the Beautiful Women you may know this one is for you!

A mother's love! What can compare with it! Of all things on earth, it comes nearest to divine love in heaven.

A mother's love means a life's devotion - and sometimes a life's sacrifice - with but one thought, one hope and one feeling, that her children will grow up healthy and strong, free from evil habits and able to provide for themselves. Her sole wish is that they may do their part like men and women, avoid dangers and pitfalls, and when dark hours come, trust in Providence to give them strength, patience and courage to bear up bravely.

Happy is the mother when her heart's wish is answered, and happy are sons and daughters when they can feel that they have contributed to her noble purpose, and in some measure, repaid her unceasing, unwavering love and devotion.

Peace ~ Blessings

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