Friday, May 28, 2010

Mixed Chicks

Ladies, if you have Curly,Kinky,Wavy, and Frizzy hair. Frizz no more ladies this amazing product is called "Mixed Chicks" Ideal for all hair types, especially if you have really Curly or unruly hair.

Okay meet the Original Mixed Chicks Founders ~ Owners Wendi Levy ~ Kim Etheredge.

Kim grew up in Los Angeles a beautiful place to live, but it is hard on hair. Kim's hair is naturally curly, but never would wear it out because she had to use too many products to get a certain look. Kim, had to search from one end of the store to the other to make a combination for her "unruly hair." Lucky for Kim she met Wendi.

Wendi is mixed. She has coarse, tightly curly hair on one side of her family and straight, limp hair on the other side.
Wendi, grew up in New Jersey multi-culture neighborhoods from Black, White, and Latin neighborhoods. Kim and Wendi realized that they both share a common problem. It was the types of hair they both have, soon the idea became a reality they decide to make there own products. Mixed Chicks was created.

I highly recommend Mixed Chicks especially for my Latina sisters. My hair is extremely curly. When I applied both products my hair was soft manageable. Had no crunch at all I've had people ask me if I had a curly perm in my hair.
For some reason Mixed Chicks products elongated my curls a bit.

Products that I personally recommend:

Mixed Chicks - Deep Conditioner nourishes your hair, excellent detangler, repairs damaged areas.

Mixed Chicks - Leave in Conditioner leave-in will define curls, and eliminate frizz. This is also the perfect product to restore hair health if you are moving away from chemical relaxers.

HIS Mix- This product was created for men however, Shh don't tell anyone, I put this in my hair and it worked. Left my hair soft, bouncy, curly, shinny, no frizz.
How funny is that I actually recommend HIS mix if your hair is type #4
curly-kinky #4,4a

"Mixed Chicks" is for anyone who has curly frizzy unruly hair...
Remember, it's all about trial and error. You won't be disappointed.

Peace ~ Blessings 2 all!

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