Monday, April 12, 2010

"World Natural Hair Show" Highlights

Went to The "World Natural Hair Show" in Atlanta this weekend. The event was for two days only from 10-7pm at the Convention Center. My photographer and I mainly went to network, take photos, and purchase a few products, after all I am a "product junkie."
Oh! can't forget about the "Free samples," we love samples!!!

When we first walked in there was a long line at the ticket booth. Yes, I know "what you are thinking" why didn't you purchase your tickets in advance? I actually like to purchase at the door, it gives me the opportunity to network. Once inside a young lady asked; If we were paying in cash? If you paid in cash, you were handed a wrist band so you can walk right in.
The line was mostly for the ongoing seminars and for credit card holders.

My photographer and I walked into the show it was "Showtime."
We were ready to get in and take some fabulous pictures ~ meet with the vendors.
As soon as you walk in Miss Jessie's Team was to the right. You can see Miko ~ Titi the Owners of Miss Jessie's on stage working their magic. There was a huge line at there location.
In fact Miss Jessie's team were offering a consultation and product recommendation.

One of MJ's team member handed me a gift bag with lots of goodies. I handed her my business card to give to Miko ~ Titi to let them know I stopped by. Okay! a few days prior to the show Miss Jessie's gave a few of there Twitter followers a tweet! "Au Naturelle Divas" was mention in that tweet so, we wanted to show sum Love back in person and represent. It's always nice to put an actual face with the Brand. The team member said to me, the owners are right there on stage. Yes, thanks it's so crowded, I will meet them some other time; I replied.

It was on to the next location, we walked and met with some team members of
"Taliah Waajid" picked up a few samples and also purchased there Crinkles and Curls it's a mousse for Natural Hair ~ Loc's styling lotion. Will post my review on these products on a later post. Next we met with "Afya Ibomu" the author of "The Vegan Soul food guide".
"Bronner Bros" team had a booth handing out fliers for the up coming "Atlanta" show in
August 7-10 who knew? Had no idea they were giving another show.
"Upscale Magazine" if you subscribe you had a choice of a free bag and other goodies.
Just to name a few more vendors that were there Urbanbella, Mizani, Liquid Love, Entwine and many more vendors.

After walking down every aisle we began to walk back towards the front towards
Miss Jessie's booth. I was curious to see if the line went down. When I looked up on stage
Miko ~ Titi were not on stage in fact they were standing against the wall right in front of me.
I told my photographer this is my chance, to go up to them and introduce myself.

Walked over to Miko ~ Titi and said Hi you tweeted the other day "Au Naturelle Divas" immediately to my surprise they knew who "Au Naturelle Divas" was.
Miko ~ Titi were absolutely approachable, really the 2 nicest people you ever want to meet.
You can feel there energy, the good vibes that were coming from them.
Miko noticed my photographer, and ask; if I would like to take a pic with them. That was really nice and totally unexpected, we talked for a few seconds. Handed Miko my business card.
Titi ~ Miko both congratulate me on my business endeavors.

Must say that was the Highlight of the Event, meeting the Owners of Miss Jessie's Original.
Especially, when I'm blogging about all the products I like. Also products I've tried and share my experience with others. This experience makes you want to go out and buy there products even more.

Over all the "Hair Show" was fun met some wonderful people.

Now, it's time for me to sample all these products, so I can blog about them.

Next time there is a "Hair Show" in your town go have some fun meet great people learn more about the products that you are buying. The Hair Show allows you to interact with all the vendors and ask questions about there products.

Peace ~ Blessings 2 U All

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Great photos and very exciting to meet the many vendors in this business. Congrats!!