Saturday, March 6, 2010

Relaxer or Texturizer????

Today's post is all about The Chemicals!! One of my Sista friends is transitioning from a hair relaxer,conflicted with maintaining her mane. Sista girl is considering on getting a "texturizer" instead of a regular relaxer. Last time I checked they were both the same, one being milder. Hmmm!!

Texturizer: is a mild relaxer chemical that is applied to the hair to loosen the natural curl pattern without completely straightening the hair. Those with natural hair who apply a texturizer are no longer natural since their natural hair texture has been altered by the chemical. Hair texturizers can cause burns, hair loss, breakage, and adverse side effects such as rash or allergic reactions. Same as if using a regular (mild) relaxer.

Sodium Hydroxide is the strongest type of principal chemical used in some chemical relaxers, because it provides the most long lasting and dramatic effects. However, this same sodium hydroxide is found in drain cleaners. Which demonstrates the strength of this chemical. It is what is used in products that are referred to as “lye” relaxers. The strength varies from a pH factor of 10 to 14. With higher pH, the faster the straightening solution will take hold, but the more potential the damage.

“Lye” or “No Lye”: Truth

Guanidine Hydroxide is the other common option of relaxer chemical used today. This is what is referred to as “no-lye” relaxers. This label can be misleading to some. It does not imply that there aren't any strong chemicals used or that the chemicals used are somehow less potentially damaging. The decision to straighten your hair chemically requires much thought and really a commitment to Naturelle healthy hair treatments over a long period of time.

I bring this topic up for my Sista Friend who experience thinning hair mainly due to relaxers. So, she visited her Dermatologist whom recommended her to stop relaxing her hair. Due to long term effects on both hair ~ skin.

Happy to report since the end of last Summer Sista friend has embraced her beautiful locs with this transition, Sista friend is rockin wigs!! Hey it's a start!!!
Personally, I will rock Wigs, Braids and Weaves instead of relaxing my hair.

Next post all about Wigs. Sista friend is "Perimenopause" afraid of sweating during Summer months with wearing wigs. Come on are you serious? "Put a fan under that wig and keep it moving"!! Don't let this set you back from months without the Creamy Crack. There are ways to keep cool when wearing a wig in the Summer.

Au Naturelle Diva embraces everyone with or with out a chemical relaxer. Remember it's all about "Finding the Naturelle Diva Within U" No Judgement!! Just stating facts, it's up to you to make your own decision. Love yourself for who you are embrace your true Naturelle Beauty Within, Glorify Womanhood

Peace ~ Blessings

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