Friday, March 26, 2010

My "Naturelle" Hair Journey Part 2

Started getting braids put in my hair. This was probably around the late 90's. Wore braids for about a year straight. All during my hair journey saw my hair grow and change texture's on it's own.

Remember, having dreams about Loc'in my hair. My Girlfriends Mother ~ Sister both had Loc's at the the time.

Black Rose, A Loctician who cared and groomed for Anita's mother's hair. Black Rose, was well known, in the community, she also made her own products, a very spiritual Woman. Black Rose, explained to me, that Loc's meant you were in a spiritual place. It was a personal spiritual journey to begin Locs.
Slowly, began to let go of all my fears and began this new journey.
I remember Black Rose, said you will know when you are ready to Loc your hair. A few months went by. All I kept doing was dreaming about my hair Lockin.

One day, I woke up and had one big loc, my hair had matted. The relaxed hair matted with my new growth. Called, my girlfriend "totally hysterical". Hopped on a bus to her house wearing a hat on my head. Anita, cut off that huge matted loc from my hair. The next day went to a local Barber Shop to even out my short Naturelle. A few months later my hair grew some length, that's when I started to try many styles which included Double Strand Twist,Bantu knots, Afro puffs,etc.

Finally, after trying all different styles, I was ready to Loc my hair. One must realized that Locing your hair is a process as much as a commitment. There's no coming out of Loc's unless you cut them off. So, I made a promise to myself and decided that I was ready willing able to Loc my hair. My Loc journey began when Debra, my Loctician started my hair with a Double strand twist, which Locked on it's own. My hair took 3-6months to loc because of my texture.

Debra, never used any wax or creme base, she only used Naturelle oils in my hair. When it was time to shampoo and condition my hair she used Aveda products. Debra, was amazing had the most amazing hands ever it was a blessing to know and meet her.
A co-worker referred me to Debra. My co-worker Linda, had baby loc's, and her loc's always looked well groomed shiny and healthy looking. So, I asked Linda who does your hair, and that's when she gave me Debra's business card.

"My Loc Journey begins"
To Be Continued

Peace ~ Blessings

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