Monday, February 1, 2010

Vegan Hot Dog?

Okay, I wanted to try a vegan hot dog.
Well, my Honey surprised me again by not only finding
a hot dog stand, but a Vegan hot dog stand!! How, freak in cool is that. Turns out to be the best Vegan Hot Dog stand in the Orlando, Fl Area. Lets just say we went out looking for this famous Vegan Hot dog stand. The stand was no where in sight, so we went into a different establishment. So, I can continue on my hunt for The Vegan Hot Dog stand. The gentlemen behind the counter knew exactly who I was looking for. You, see all you have to do is mention vegan hot dog stand and everyone knows. The guy behind the counter informs me that Vegan Guy opens at night after 10pm. Reason, he really caters to the late night crowd. Apparently, Downtown Orlando is know for it's Nite life, Clubs and Bars. I totally, get it after a night of clubbing and drinking if you are a vegetarian or vegan it's nice to have that option available for you.

Well, we went home and waited to go the next night on Saturday. Wow, Downtown Orlando Night Life it's like being on a Disney movie set of Manhattan with out all the congestion. Finally, The Vegan Hot Dog stand smells yummy, ordered 2 vegan dogs one with pesto,sweet onions, and sauerkraut, 2nd one with just pesto. Need I say more yummy, both vegan hot dogs were really good.

If you're up late and feel like having a hot dog simply go Downtown Orlando on Washington St in front of Aveda you will find The Vegan Hot Dog Guy! Again, he arrives around 10pm he's not up and running until 11pm. He offers a variety of vegan toppings, sells water, natural root beer.
Vegan Hot Dogs are around $3.00 per vegan hot dog.

Continue to follow my next post. On another eatery where, I plan on having Sunday Brunch.

Note many of these establishments are listed on Happy Cow website.

Peace ~ Blessings 2 All

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