Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's for Lunch Today?

Today's lunch was really special. As well as a new discovery for me. My honey wanted to take me to lunch. However, I'm following my 40/40 experience, which includes eaten well for 40 days. So, I was a bit skeptical at first, reason is my honey is a meat lover. Wasn't sure what to expect, so before we walked out the door into the car, I was totally convince that he would take me to some crazy fast food or steakhouse.

Okay, we got into the car and drove off when we arrived to the place my face lit up like a Christmas tree :) the sign read Infusion Tea. We pass this place a few weeks back we both wanted to stop in and get a cup of tea. Needless, to say I was totally ecstatic to know that we were not eaten at some crazy greasy fast food place.

We arrived at a Vegan ~ Vegetarian Cafe that is an Eco friendly establishment nice :)
So, we went inside and placed our orders. I ordered the lunch combo pick any two 1/2 soup,1/2 sandwich,1/2 wrap or salad which includes a Iced tea of the day.

Gazpacho soup (vegan), Mediterranean Sandwich.
I was so excited to see Rooibos tea on the list ordered a Soy Ruby Chai (rooibos tea latte).
My honey ordered the Panini Sandwich Eggplant Parmesean with a glass of black Iced tea which he added raw organic honey.

We could not resist the Red Velvet cup cake Omg!!! It was a vegan cup cake who knew!!
The food is Amazing!!! I realized after eating today's lunch you never feel tried or grumpy you feel alive with lots of energy.

Next time your in The Orlando Fl Area or if you live in Florida please go to
Infusion Tea, the people are really friendly, atmosphere reminds me of being in the village in NY.
The cafe shares a space with Aristree Co-op locally grown art, jewelry ~gifts.
Again, if you want a nice relax place to sit down and eat or if you just want to enjoy a nice cup of tea well Infusion Tea is the place to be :)

College Park
1600 Edgewater Dr
Orlando, FL 32804


Peace ~ Blessings 2 U all!!!

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