Sunday, January 24, 2010


Happy Sunday!! Today is Sunday wanted to make a nice Brunch.
Tofu Scrambler a Healthy alternative to eggs. You can pick up a box of Tofu scrambler seasoning at Whole Foods Market. I used a non stick wok to make my tofu and added some veggies.
Greet your day with a healthy breakfast entrée of tofu, scrambled with our delicious seasoning.

Tofu Scrambler

1)Crumble one package of 14oz extra firm tofu
2)Add one packet of Tofu scrambler mix
3)Add 1 Tsp of vegetable oil in a non stick skillet
4)Fry tofu scrambler on medium heat
5)half a cup of Grape tomatoes
6)half a cup of leeks cut and chopped
7)half package of stir fry veggies with asparagus

For some extra favor you can add sea salt, pepper and oregano
Let it all cook on medium heat with occasional turning then your ready to serve.

Slice some Oranges, Strawberry's, vegan blueberry muffin's and a glass of juice, water.
For our Cocktail Lovers have a glass of
Bellini made with Prosecco a sparking wine also add peach puree.
There you have a complete Sunday Vegan Brunch :)

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