Friday, January 10, 2014

Hair idol

Hair Idol
Are you new to the natural hair movement?  If so, you may of had the "big chop"  or your contemplating, the big chop; basically cutting off whatever relaxer, perm or even color you may have.
It's a fresh start; "a right to passage"
Once you mustard up the courage to go forward with the "bc" your left feeling renewed, waiting for your hair to blossom, this can be crucial for some, your  excited, you may feel overwhelmed.
  Let's not forget the lack of support from family and friends; who don't get it.
It's really a transition we go through.
I'm here to say, embrace the transition,  change is good. If you're looking to "go natural go for it"  My advice to you all;  have patience and a open mind.
Make a vision board for your hair, cut out pics of your hair crush & hair idols. Please try to stick with your hair type and texture, for obvious reasons :)
Be inspired don't give up on your hair growth, it will happen...
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