Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Walking 10000 steps per day


How you walking?  Did you know walking 10,000 steps per day can lean to weight loss.

Walking can be all the cardio you need to get you started.
*Note before you attempt any weight loss or exercise program, make sure to consult with your physician.


Burns calories
Strengthens back muscles
Slims your waist
Easy on your joints
Strengthens your bones
Lowers blood pressure
Allows time with family and friends
Shapes and tones your legs and butt
Reduces stress
Sleep better
Improves mood and outlook on life
Can be done almost anywhere
Requires no equipment
it's Free

Did you know that the average person's stride length is approximately 2.5 feet long. That means it takes just over 2,000 steps to walk one mile, and 10,000 steps is close to 5 miles.
According to "the walking site"  reasonable goal for most people is to increase average daily steps each week by 500 steps per day; until you can easily average 10,000 per day.

 Example: If you currently average 3000 steps per day, your goal for week one is 3500 each day.
 Continue to increase each week until your averaging 10,000 steps by the end of 10-14 weeks.

To get you started you'll need some comfortable walking or running sneakers
"pedometer" this will track your steps each day or you can download an app "Noom walk"
You may want to combine both manual and app together to get an accurate read.

Just keep at it and you'll start to see the weight come off.

Good Luck and me posted with your weight loss success...

Love ~ Light

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