Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brown Rice with Black Beans

Growing up in a typical "Caribbean Latin Family", you tend to eat a whole lot of rice & beans.
Who's complaining?  Rice & Beans are a stable in most Latin families.

Instead of (white rice) use (brown rice) Brown Rice has more nutrients then white rice; it has a nutty and chewy taste. "Whole Grain rice"  For beans try (Black Beans) in stead of (Pink)

 Brown rice has lots of fiber then it's counter part (white rice) :)
 You'll feel full and won't eat as much.
Black beans have fiber plus - protein and there good for your digestive system
"who knew"
Most people are reluctant to cooking Brown rice, from lack of knowledge.
The trick to cooking Brown rice is just let it cook; it takes anywhere from 45-50 mins to cook. 

                                           Here's my take on Brown Rice with Black Beans
                                                       Hope you enjoy the video!


Love ~ Light

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