Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolution

2013! Is finally here; another year to start the count down, to the next year.
We're talking "New Year's Resolution"! Many of us make one; only a handful of us actually stick to one. While committing to a healthy lifestyle anytime of year is great. We tend to make the promise; with ourselves every 1st of the year.
"With most of us; falling short, due to lack of motivation or just not scheduling quality time.
List below will indeed have you sticking to your resolution...
1)Meditate daily (if only for five minutes) clear your mind from noise and distractions.
2)Quit Smoking! (It's not Healthy for you or anyone else)
3)Incorporate more veggies and fruit to your diet.
4)Drink plenty of water, keep your self hydrated.
5)Exercise join a Yoga or Pilates class.
6)Get organize! Stay focus on your goals.
7)Make a schedule!
8)Surround yourself with positive and supportive people.
9)Get a good nights sleep! Recharge your body,soul, and mind.
10)Breathe! You have 12 months to get it right!
Happy New Year!
Love ~ Light

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