Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Mineral oil gets a Bad rap

Why many "Naysayers," believe Mineral oil, is bad for our hair.

What is mineral oil?
A mineral oil is any of various colorless, odorless, light mixtures from a non-vegetable (mineral) source, particularly a distillate of petroleum. The name mineral oil by itself is imprecise, having been used to label many specific oils over the past few centuries. Other names, similarly imprecise, include white oil, liquid paraffin, and liquid petroleum.

Mineral oil is a common ingredient in baby lotions, cold creams, ointments and cosmetics.
It is a lightweight inexpensive oil that is odorless and tasteless. It can be used on eyelashes to prevent brittleness and, in cold cream, is also used to remove creme make-up and temporary tattoos. One of the common concerns regarding the use of mineral oil is its presence on several lists of comedogenic substances. These lists of comedogenic substances were developed many years ago and are frequently quoted in the dermatological literature.

A study reported in the "Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology" (2005) found that the type of highly refined and purified mineral oil found in cosmetic and skincare products is "noncomedogenic" 'meaning' (does not clog pores).

Your probably wondering what is "comedogenic substances"?
Comedogenic substances is "Acne cosmetica" a term referring to acne, caused by or made worse by cosmetics. Chemically induced plugging of the sebaceous glands or "pilosebaceous orifice". This was a significant problem for dermatologists in the 70s and 80s, but with the improved formulations by cosmetic chemists, this is now a relatively rare.

Moving Forward "Natural Hair Care"!
Did you know? most "Natural Hair Care" products have Mineral Oil?
Many "naysayers" bash mineral oil! One report stated "mineral oil" dries out our hair.
Honestly, certain products that don't have mineral oil, may also "dry out" your hair.

"I've tried several products containing mineral oil, that actually work for me"!
The bottom line - we are all "consumers, " with that being said, we should conduct our own research on products. Did you know that "Miss Jessie's ButterCreme" Voted Best Moisturizing Hair Creme, contains mineral oil? Guess What? It, works for me and, I will keep using it.
Again, what works for my hair, may not work for your hair and, that's okay.

We shouldn't bash a product, due to lack of knowledge on a particular ingredient.
I'm hoping that we continue to help educate one another and, have an open mind.

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