Saturday, July 2, 2011

Au Naturelle Divas New Look!

I'm sportin a "New Look" these days!

Recently, coming back from my mini vacation. Met so many wonderful people whiled on vacation.
In fact many people stopped to ask me "about my Hair Care Regimen"?
With my new look I shampoo or Co-wash once a week. Now that the Summer is here, I may shampoo more often, depending on if, I go swimming on that particular day.

Yes! you all want to add conditioner right away after swimming then follow up with shampoo & conditioner again. Especially, for color treated hair "Conditioner is your BFF"! :)

The pics that are above are photos of me before & after

Dry Twist Out

Things you'll need:
Wide tooth comb or shower comb
Denmen Brush *optional
Hair Buttercreme
Carol's daughter Tui Leave-in Conditioner
*optional Bronner Brothers Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion

1)Add a dollop size of Buttercreme rub in the palms of hands
work buttercreme all over your hair
2)Ready to start sectioning and twisting hair
*Note use larger sections for chunky twist
3)section off some hair add a small amount or pea size of
Bronner Brothers Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion rub palms together apply to section
root to ends
4)start twisting using (Double Strand Method) next spritz a little bit of Carol's daughter Tui Leave-in Conditioner at the ends
5)use Denman brush to brush ends and continue your twist to end then twirl with your fingers coiling the ends
6)Continue steps 3-5 until hair is completely twisted you can have 6-8 twist I prefer 6
7)If your doing this at night before you go to sleep, next apply satin scarf, cap or bonet
If not you can let style set for a few hours before you go out
8)add a small amount of buttercreme or Bronner Brothers Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion rub into palms of hands next begin removing twist from top of twist to bottom
*Do Not Disturb Curls
9)after removing all twist shake & go you make want to separate some for fullness & added volume

*Note Carol's daughter Tui Leave-in Conditioner is also a great detangler & hair refresher if you want you may spray each section at a time & comb out prior to twist, to make sure the hair is tangle free!

This style can last until you shampoo or Co-wash
"Rock this particular style for a week"


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