Thursday, May 5, 2011

Twist made easy!

Let's get started Twist for / Twist Out!
Many women came up to me at the event, wanting to know how I achieved my particular look!
Simple it was a Twist Out! This one lady replied,"Twisting is hard to do".
My reaction was "are you kidding" Twist Outs are so easy to do.
The most important part of a twist out is using the right product for your hair type, and allowing your hair to dry completely before removing Twist!

Tips for the perfect Twist Out:

1 )Wrap & Roll by Jane Carter Solutions
2)Wide Tooth Comb or you may finger comb
3)Section Hair into 5-6 parts begin to Twist each section
Note: Don't worry if parts are crooked it's okay.
4)Twist hair same as if you were corn rolling grabbing small sections at a time.
5)Twist hair to the ends, next twirl ends into a coil around your finger.
6)Repeat 4& 5 until all sections are twisted.
7)Next allow hair to dry you may want to leave twist in for a day or two.
8)Then your ready to remove twist start at the end of twist.
Your Twist out can last for a few days!

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