Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Black Is Beautiful

There's a new Documentary about Black Women on how we relate to being "Dark Skin"
by Bill Duke.

We're all Beautiful Dark or Light skin shades of Beauty.
However, we as a people need to have this discussion. Call it perfect timing or what?
Remember there's no coincidences.
Most recently, some self righteous, insensitive psychiatrist wrote an article pertaining to Black Women. " We've chosen not to give his statement any "Power". I elected not to add his name nor his statement." Many of us may of seen this on CNN a few days ago.

The Documentary "Dark Girls" is in post-production at this time.
Indeed this is a touchy topic dated back to slavery, to cause conflicts amongst ourselves.
Moving forward we now know better, we do better! We are all Beautiful Black Woman who come in many shades of Colors. This topic reminds me of "Good hair" Documentary, it's pretty much the same unlined deep rooted topic.

This is why we've started this site We are All Woman of many shades of Beauty.
It's about "Finding your Naturelle Diva Within"

Love ~ Light my Beautiful Queens & Kings

Click Here to see Documentary

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