Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Latest Trend in Nail Polish

Here's what's hot, the latest trend in nail polish.

The New shatter look by O.P.I with a few celebs coming up with their own signature color and style. Here's a sneak peak of two celebs one being an athlete and the other a rocker in her own right. I'm talking about Serena Williams & Katy Perry both have an exclusive line of O.P.I nail colors reflecting their unique style.


Serena Glam Slam Collection : Fierce and Fashionable
Simply Smash-Ing & Black Shatter, Create a crackled look with Black Shatter.
More colors coming soon!

Katy Perry Collection: Dazzling, colorful and totally unique
with shimmering shades of silver, blue, pink and plum, add a little edge with the Black Shatter.

Retails $8.99 ~ up!

Love ~ Light

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