Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bantu Knots & Knot Outs

Bantu Knots / Knot Outs are easy to achieve, it's an alternative way to achieve beautiful curls and waves. If your looking to achieve a more curlier look, you may want to twist your hair when it's wet. If your looking for a wavy effect you can achieve a Bantu Knot on hair that was completely dry. "Remember, the key to any Naturelle style" is applying the right product for your hair.

Above are sample pictures :
One Model shows the Bantu Knots (at bottom)
Model #1 Wavy Knot Out hair was already dry prior.
Model #2 Curlier Knot Out hair was in it's wet state.

Tips: For Wet Set "Bantu Knots"
1)Shampoo & Condition Or Co-wash hair
2)Section hair into 4 sections
3)Apply your favorite curly creme or pudding to each section
4)Begin to make smaller section within section depending on desire look
5) take your smaller section and begin to twist at base of root, twist until you can coil your finger
around until you reach the end
6)Next start wrapping the hair around until you form a knot.
7)Repeat 5&6 until entire head is done let air dry or you may sit under dryer of use a diffuser
8)You are ready to remove knots, make sure you untwist the opposite way, separate with fingers

Tips: Dry Set
1)On hair that is completely dry
2)Section hair into 4 sections
3)Apply moisture creme or sheen to hair
4)Repeat 4-6 above
Next let hair set for 20- 40mins
5)Repeat 7-8

Note: You can sleep with "Bantu Knots" just apply a Satin Cap

Love ~ Light

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