Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Black HerStory Month!

Happy Black HerStory Month!
We Honor Myrlie Evers-Williams Born March 17,1933 is an American Activist.
Myrlie Evers-Williams is the widow of Civil Rights Leader Medgar Evers. She met Medgar when they attented Alcorn A&M College in 1950.
After the death of Medgar Evers, Myrlie went back to school graduated from Pomona College with a degree in Sociology. In 1975 Myrlie remarried her second husband, Walter Williams.
Sadly Mr.Williams past away. Myrlie Evers- Williams was the First African American Woman to serve as Commissioner on the Los Angeles Board of Public Works.
She ran twice for Congress from California 24th congressional district.
Evers-Williams was a Full Time Chairman of the NAACP, she co-founded National Woman's Political Caucus. Myrlie appeared on Daytime talk show The Talk on CBS.

Happy Black History!

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