Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 9

Today is day 9 woke up ready to go to class. Now, I'm still attending the new studio that I visit yesterday. This morning class was listed as basic yoga. Let me clarify something "basic yoga in a power yoga studio" ;) Yes, my exact words there is no basic yoga, the teachers still kick your a#$.

Class was refreshing really different from yesterdays class. This is the amazing think about practicing yoga each time you attend a class, your body reacts differently. Today, I was more flexible then yesterday. It's all about your breath taking those deep breaths. Inhaling and exhaling getting deep into your practice allowing yourself to open up. Inhaling ~ abdomen then chest; Exhaling ~ chest then abdomen. Full yoga breath helps you to stay engage in your own practice. By expanding your capability to hold poses for longer periods.
If you can breathe you can do yoga.

Benefits Of Breathing:

Releases acute and chronic muscular tensions around the heart and digestive organs.
Improves detoxification through increased exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.
Amplifies the auto immune system by increased distribution of energy to the endocrine system.
Calms the mind and integrates the mental / physical balance.


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