Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Perfect drink to get you started for the New Year!!!
O.N.E. Amazon Acai

One Amazon Acai Juice has 157 calories, 25 of which are calories from fat. The total fat is 3g and 1g is saturated fat so if you are looking for a fat free drink that can help you with weight loss then this One Amazon Acai Juice is probably not something that will fit into your diet. But it does have a lot of nutrients that your body needs. Also, none of the fats are trans fat and there is no cholesterol reported.

Your probably thinking!! What is Acai?
The word Acai is really just an ‘Americanization’ of the Brazilian word:
Açaí, which is pronounced: Ah-sigh-ee. (Emphasis on the middle syllable.)

The acai Berry is a dark purple fruit, approximately 1 inch in diameter that has little edible pulp on it because of the large seed in the center. Technically, the acai berry is a “drupe” because it grows in large, stringy bunches, called ‘panicles’ on palm trees, but the terms fruit, berry, and drupe can all be used to describe the edible part of this plant.

Great source of antioxidant in this one paper container.
Which may boost energy, vitality, clean and detoxify the body....
It's Amazing!!! A must for 2010 so drink up!!!

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